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Healthy Life Brand Launches Nationwide

rebuilding trust after ebola

“Healthy Life” is now an overarching symbol and unifying identity for Liberia’s revitalized health system. It had served as a brand mark for the Liberian Ministry of Health (MOH)-sanctioned health promotion materials since 2010 but only among health professionals. During the Ebola crisis, however, the MOH recognized the power of a unifying symbol when credible, trusted health information is needed urgently by the general public.

On June 10, the MOH launched the Healthy Life brand nationwide. Designed to inspire trust in the system, the brand will now be seen on all MOH health promotion activities and programs.

Healthy Life logo
Dr. Francis N. Kateh, Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer
Lisa Childs, Service Delivery Sub-Team Leader, Health Office, USAID/Liberia
Motorcyclists preparing to accompany the Healthy Life float through the streets of Monrovia.
Students from the Tubman National  Institute of Medical Arts one of two health teaching institution students who attended the launch.
National Healthy Life launch, June 10, 2016
Healthy Life Brand Chief Launcher Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and National Health Promotion Division Director, MOH, Rev. John Sumo
“When Ebola hit, no one knew where to turn to find information that was trustworthy. We were able to make good use of the Healthy Life logo for materials circulated among the healthcare community so people knew the MOH had supported and approved the content.”

— Director of the Ministry of Health’s National Health Promotion Division, Reverend John Sumo

Linking facilities to communities

Healthy Life will now be used across Liberia to link activities between health facilities and the community. For example, radio messages promote stronger partnerships between clinic staff and their clients, and a weekly radio program equips general Community Health Volunteers (gCHVs) with the information they need to engage communities, promote healthy behaviors, and increase use of health services. In addition to linking MOH health promotion activities, Healthy Life will be used to promote preventive and positive health practices within households.

Parade to C. H. Rennie Hospital where the launch was held in Kakata, Margibi.

Launch in margibi County

The first in a series of county launches of Healthy Life took place June 14 in Kakata in Margibi County, Liberia, with a community meeting and outdoor parade. Keynote speaker Tarr Sackie, Margibi County Inspector, encouraged the community to trust in the health sector and health workers. Representatives from UNICEF, Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Margibi Branch, World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health, the Margibi County Health Team and the Margibi County Inspector, Tarr N. Sackie.

As part of the event, Margibi County Community Health Department Director (CHDD) Joseph Korhene recalled Margibi’s heavy death toll during the Ebola crisis, including health workers whose deaths were due in part to a lack of credible health information. He stated in 2016 alone, about 10 women died during childbirth in Margibi, a situation he described as unacceptable.

HC3 Liberia’s Country Director, Anna Helland, emphasized the need for trustworthy health information through the Healthy Life campaign. She encouraged community members to trust health service providers and called for a sustained community-health system partnership.

Detailed information about the Healthy Life campaign and partnership can be found here.

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Footnote: Photos courtesy of HC3's Liberia team
Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia