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Springboard for Health Communication Professionals

what is Springboard?

Springboard for Health Communication Professionals launched in 2014 as a dynamic environment of exchange and development for sharing social and behavior change communication (SBCC) knowledge, experiences and resources and to strengthen SBCC capacity.

With a current global membership of more than 3,900 professionals and growing, those who benefit most are individuals and organizations involved in implementing SBCC programs in lower- and middle-income countries.

The Springboard community includes public health professionals from non-governmental and faith-based organizations; local, national and regional government officials; universities and research institutions; and private sector firms that help implement SBCC projects with services such as design, advertising, technology or media. Springboard is organized by topic-related discussions and country and network groups. The platform’s openness makes it possible for, and encourages, South-to-South sharing.



Springboard facilitates in-person networking events and online communities of practice, discussion forums and webinars. Springboard supports and nurtures country and regional communities of SBCC practitioners, scholars and policymakers through national working groups with the support of regional secretariats in Asia and Africa. As a result, Springboard members are able to access and share existing expertise and resources, develop their own communication capacity, and discover or contribute innovative solutions. In effect, it extends the reach of national working groups to that of the global SBCC community.

There are two regional secretariats which coordinate face to face and virtual activities on Springboard.


Springboard provides multiple ways to connect and support members and communities. The job posting area ensures SBCC employment opportunities are shared within the country and greater SBCC community; the directory for organizations, businesses and consultants makes it possible for members to easily connect with other community members and the events calendar helps members promote and find SBCC events.

Themed discussions with expert moderators allow for community members to participate in a dialogue around a particular technical area. Recent discussions have taken place on Zika Messaging for Pregnant Women and Women of Reproductive Age and Theatre for Social and Behavior Change. In-person, learning events have been held in countries around the world, including Nigeria, Côte d‘Ivoire, Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and India as well as at the inaugural SBCC Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in February 2016.

Nepal learning event, February 2015
Côte d'Ivoire learning event, September 2015
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building capacity in lower- and middle-income countries

Practitioners from countries classified as lower and middle income countries (LMICs) are well-represented on Springboard. Of the total Springboard membership, nearly three-fourths are from LMICs.


At a glance: Springboard at Work in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Springboard community is a group of 350+ health professionals and activists who share ideas, knowledge and experience and generate SBCC discussions that contribute to improved health outcomes. Participants include Bangladeshi Ministry of Health staff, the Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP), university lecturers, non-governmental organization staff, district health education officers, family welfare volunteers, health journalists, other media practitioners, and advertising and public relations practitioners. Bangladesh is a member country of the Asia Secretariat, as is a coalition of practitioners in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam.

Below are photos from learning events in India, as well as in Ethiopia at the 2016 International Social and Behavior Change Communication summit.

India learning event - July 2015, New Delhi, India
India learning event - July 2015, New Delhi, India
Inaugural SBCC Summit - United Nations Conference Centre Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

join the conversation on Springboard

Springboard offers a supportive learning environment for SBCC professionals that continues to grow and evolve, based on feedback from its members. See Springboard in action; visit and join the conversation. The Springboard app is available for download in iTunes and in Google Play.

Footnote: Photos from Nigeria, SBCC Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, India and Côte d'Ivoire
Abuja, Nigeria